Rota Management is a great feature to help businesses manage their staff through the site.

The Rota Management software works with the Groups feature of Edit Pro so allows the ‘group managers’ to schedule the rotas for their teams. Group Managers have access to Global Office to update their webpages (if applicable), add photos to the group and add group events to the calendar. They will also have access to manage rotas for their group(s) only.


For team administrators

  • create/edit rotas 
  • schedule rota repeats    
  • Printer friendly version of individual rotas/ series or rotas
  • create a rota to then allow people to volunteer for different rota slots

For staff:

  • email notification when they are added to a rota
  • page showing a personal listing of their upcoming rotas - this appears under their profile
  • printer friendly version of their rota schedule
  • ability to volunteer for available rota slots
  • ability to remove themselves from a rota (optional)