Sharing with Social Media

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to share information with friends and people around the world. have made it easy for your visitors to share your website with these sites.

This is a great tool that links straight to: Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking Sites. If enabled on your website then a link will appear at the top or bottom of every page on the site. 

If your website is powered by and you would like to turn this great feature on then follow the simple instructions below:

Go to SETTINGS > SITE OPTIONS and tick Use 'Share Link'.

If you are not sure what this is then why not turn it on and then view a page on the website? You can always turn it off if not required.

If you haven't got a website with but would like to use Twitter and Facebook then please see our other tips and guides, Adding Twitter to your website, 10 reasons to use Twitter, 5 Reason to use Facebook


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