10 Tips for an effective website

10 Tips for an effective website

Where do you start? What do you consider? How to make the website work for you and your visitors? We have created a guide and suggestions for you to consider when creating or reviewing your website. Many businesses have different purposes but all are striving for similar results: Brand Awareness, More Customers, Increased Sales, More Advocates.

1) Purpose

Consider the purpose of your website.  How and what you would like it to achieve for your business and your business’ objectives. Consider your audience's; stakeholders, clients, customers, advocates, and how they might want to interact with you and your business and how to effectively fulfil their specific needs.

Knowing what you want to achieve will help you build a better website providing and creating a better user journey for your visitors.

2) Clear Message

Explain what your business does, this is the most important piece of information people need to know before they make a connection; whether it be a consultation, purchase, or general enquiry.   If there is a story behind the brand then include this - this adds to reinforcing the brand. 

3) Clear Navigation

image of sign posts saying... searching, still search, gone elsewhereMake it easy for your website visitors to get around your website.  Have clear menu tabs at the top of your website navigation - and include some click through areas on the home page and inside pages giving quicker access to calls to action i.e. free quote, free consultation, shop area, newsletter, register for membership, contact us.  Have the click-throughs prominent and available at any time for people to act on the calls to action - don’t make people search for how they want to interact with you.  Confusing user journeys of your website will put visitors off.

4) Trust and Credibility

Consider adding trust and social proof elements to your website.  If you are a member of a trade association or work in partnership with other well know businesses and brands then include logos or provide a list.  If you have signed up to review sites you could include the ratings and some review links. Highlight any accreditations and awards you have gained and promote these.

5) Less  is more

Have clear space on your pages - don’t feel you have to cram the whole page with content.  Having short but to the point content in 3 or 4 paragraphs on the page with help your readers to digest the information quickly.  Use bullet points to for quick reference to important pieces of information and to separate the text on the page.  Use images, an image is worth a 1,000 words and we know this is an old cliche but it’s true.

image of a boy taking photo of a wooden horse6) Quality Images

Have quality images on your website - don’t allow low quality images to be used as this reflects or your business. If budget is tight and you would like to refrain from denting your marketing spend with the hiring of a professional photographer for professional images then there are other free resource website out there.  There are websites which photographers supply images to and are free resources which allow you to use the images on CC0 license which means you can use, edit, modify and distribute them for free; personally or for commercial use.

7) Selling

If you have an ecommerce shop connected to your website - make it clear that people can purchase items direct from your website - have a click through area to your ecommerce shop.  If you are promoting goods on individual pages why not have a Purchase Now which clicks through to either your shop or payment method.  Again if you have a product rating review include this with your product.  Don’t make it difficult for your customers to find your products or services.

8) Recruitment

Even if you are not currently trying to fill vacancies you should still promote the business and the employee benefits you offer.  Boast about the benefits, the free coffee, the work ethic or play ethics (work hard/play hard), social gatherings, or team building days.  Let future employees know what your business is like, allow and encourage future employees to apply for positions, even if you haven’t any positions available encourage people to apply if they would like to be notified in the future.

9) Forms

Ensure to have submission forms available in your website.  These can be used for various opportunities for the business:

  • Quote request
  • Call request
  • Appointment request
  • General contact form
  • Careers Application
  • Registration for newsletter

With Edit.com you can create as many forms as you wish.  The details from each form will also be stored in the system as data for you to use if you wish.

10) Design & branding

And finally but by no means least design is one of the most important aspects of your website.  It is the first impression people will get of your business, the services/products it provides and how professional you may seem. From that first impression people will evaluate whether or not to do business with you whether they trust your business and the website.

A professionally designed website will make a difference, supporting your reputation and keeping your branding consistent throughout. If you have a story behind your brand, ensure to use it as it helps to reinforce the brand.

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