Adding a Google Map to Your Website

Google have created an excellent mapping system of the whole of the UK and most of the world. This allows places to be easily found via post code/ town/ business with the results pinpointed on the map. The map is interactive allowing users to zoom in and out of locations and get directions between two points. See the example below:


If you haven't yet tried google maps then visit

Google have also made it very easy to include a map within a website which makes it ideal for any organisation to show where they are located.


To add a map to your website just follow these
simple steps :


image of google maps searching postcode1) Go to and type your church street address in the search box. Click on the SHARE icon.










image of google maps showing embed code2) A map will load showing you the area around your postcode with a red pointer marking your location. Click on EMBED - this will then provide you with the code required to embed into your website page.


Copy the code for the map and insert it into the source of your web page.  If you are using Charity Edit websites then click on the  image of source button button in the page editor and paste your text where you require the map to be inserted on the page.