Important Web pages

A well planned website should be easy to navigate so that your website visitors can find what they are looking for with direction from your home page.  Your home page is usually a different layout to the rest of your website giving your website visitors easy navigation to items they may be interested in. 

Below are some ideas and suggestions you may wish to use when building your website:

Your Home Page
Create a home page for your website that is interesting and active.

Your Website Menus have put together this simple list to give you ideas and a suggestion of what you may want to include in your menus and sub menus of your business website.

Your About Us Page have put together these ideas and tips to help you write a couple of paragraphs as an introduction to your business and what key subjects to cover are:

Your Products Page and how you could plan your Products Page on your website.

Your Services Page
A simple guide from on what you could include on your services website page.

Your News Guide on How to Generating News for your website.

Your Events guide on how to Promote your upcoming business or industry events.

Your Gallery guide on how to utilise the photo gallery feature and show case your completed works and projects.

Your Contact Us Page guide on what details you should have on your contact us page.