Keeping your website current

How to keep your website current:

Whatever your business, you can keep your website current and in trend.  Whether you’re an accountant, builder, residential care home,  dentist you can make your website relevant to various industry topics or seasonal to keep it current.

You are looking to update your website and so need something to encourage website visitors to purchase or use your service/products. You need a seasonal campaign offer.

Each business should look at their industry calendar of events and promote those calendar dates to encourage or provoke an response from your website visitors.  If the industry doesn’t have calendar event deadlines then look at seasonal trends and utilise this to update your website and promote your brand.

For example:

For accountants

The deadline for submitting paper copy of tax returns is 31st October.

Accountants could update their home page to include a notice as a reminder and prevoke the website visitor to request a tax return service with... 

 “Still using a paper copy tax return?  Book an appointment now to get your paper tax return completed and submitted by 31st October deadline.”

For builders

This might be seasonal you could be promoting house conversion services – work that can be carried out under cover during the winter months.

“Looking to carry out modifications to your home?  Book an appointment with our surveyor and be ready for Christmas”

For a residential care home

You might be looking to rent out or sell apartments and so again this could be seasonal promotion.

“Come and join us and be in your newly furbished home ready for Christmas – contact us to book a tour and meet our team”

For a dentist

You might be trying to encourage additional sales so again could promote products/services for Christmas i.e. teeth whitening.

“Book now and get that perfectly white smile ready for Christmas”

Editing and updating your website frequently promotes that your business is proactive and constantly moving forward - thinking ahead - thinking of benefits for your customers, whilst promoting your own products and services.

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