Should my business use Facebook

Facebook LogoYes, Yes, Yes… With nearly 2 billion people on Facebook every month, Facebook can be a powerful place to help people engage and connect with your business.

Facebook is a great tool for connecting to the larger world and beyond your business’ network and community.  It reaches out to those who may be interested in your business, products or services connecting you to many; new customers, existing customers, future employees, local communities - and the communities beyond.

Facebook, like many social medias is great for broadcasting and driving traffic to your website but Facebook also has many other tools and features that your business could benefit from.  

Add a Service

Facebook allows you to list each service with each service listed separately with a Title and a 200 character description. You can also include an image and price of your service.  This is ideal for letting people know more about your business.


Facebook also provides the provision of allowing you to create a shop to promote and sell products or services.  You do not have to use the payment system on Facebook as it does allow you to redirect payment processes to your website “Checkout on Website” if you already have a system set up to receive electronic online payments.

Alternatively, if you simply want to promote your products or services in the shop area and do not wish to use facebook to take orders then you can simply add a call to action button i.e.  “Call” or “Message Us”.

Each product listing also allows your viewers to share your products with their Facebook Friends and followers, and they can also save the information for a later date.

Creating Offers

Facebook allows you to create discounted offers of your products and services for you Facebook Followers.  If you create an offer from your Facebook Page you can create offers that are viewed by your Facebook Page connections it does not cost you anything.   

However, if you create an offer in Ad Creation then you are creating an Ad that Facebook will promoted to specific targeted facebook members that meet the criteria you set when creating the ad.  This is chargeable and will depend upon how many people you want to target and other specifics.

  • Redeeming - You can set the offers up to be redeemed in-store or online or both.
  • Reminders - If somebody saves your offer they will get handy notification reminders of when it is due to expire.
  • Notifications - If somebody claims your offer they will get notifications as a reminder to use the offer.
  • Limiting - you can set a limit to the amount of claims made on the offers and once that limit is reached it will show that the offer is no longer available.
  • Sharing - you can set the settings to state whether you want people to share your offer posting.
  • Promoting - you can pin the post so that it remains at the top of your posting wall and it’s the first post people see.


You can upload videos to Facebook as simply as uploading an image. Make sure your video is in MP4 format. Videos are ideal for:

  • Product promotions
  • Product demonstrations
  • Educational tutorials
  • Blogging
  • Testimonials

Events Promotion

If you are organising or promoting any events, Product Launch, Branch Opening, whatever it may be, promote it using the Facebook Event option.  This allows you to schedule it into your Facebook posts which will get promotion and will notify all your Facebook followers.  It will also allow followers to tag the event if they are interested.  You can then see how much interest and promotion it has gathered and it can help increase awareness and attendance at events as well as new followers, customers and supporters.

Image of the words Thank YouThank You’s

Thanking customers, suppliers, facebook followers can be awesome and can reach an even bigger audience through the share of a thank you message. You might want to upload a simple Thank You image which you can post in general or tag directly to people through facebook which people can like and share.

General Postings

To improve your facebook viewing it is much better to include images, animated gifs, or videos as they gather more viewings and gather a better reach than general posts. Use good quality images as they will be representing your business.


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