Using your website to recruit

Image of words for recruitmentMost organisation websites do little to help recruit candidates online and if so are buried several clicks deep and merely describe the position. 

These days recruitment happens largely on line so maximising the potential of the internet to reach those candidates and promote your positions vacant is important.  Using your website to recruit for your team can be very effective, so here are some tips on how and what to include….

Consider creating a  “Join Our Team” section on your homepage or main menu of your website.  Tell and even sell potential employees about your vision, mission, values and culture of your organisation.  Explain how people are valued within your organisation and express your commitment to quality and customers/clients..

Make the positions shine, don’t just write the job listings for various positions; add personality explain what sets your organisation apart from the others within your industry.  Get the candidates to think “this is the organisation for me”.

Make it easy for candidates to apply - give them an email address to submit their CV or upload a pdf of the application form for them to download for completion.

Allow your recruitment pages to be shared with social medias, and include promotion of the vacancies in your communications strategy - driving people to your website.

Utilise other networks to promote your positions, business networking sites such as LinkedIn and network with your contacts and encourage your contacts and followers to share.