Website images

Web pages should not just be about text but also contain images. It is good to have at least one image per page to break up the text.  

There are plenty of places to get images from - some of these are free, but some charge a small fee. The benefit of using one of these images is that they can also be used in other communications such as email newsletter, hardcopy newsletter, internal communications - but please check the appropriate pricing for usage.

See how easy it is with and view Adding Images tutorial.

We have put together some tips below to help and guide you with regards to images for your website:

Free image resource
Free resource of images that can be used for your website

Images for your website guide to using images and where you can find free images to use.

Legal requirement guide on why your website needs to meet the requirements for accessibility so that everyone can have access to your website.

Photos on your website guide on using photos on your website.