Website Widgets

Widgets are features within which capture information from one area of your website and promotes it in its own widget window on the homepage.  

Widgets are really useful features as they allow you to give your website visitors instant access to information and allows you to provide quick navigation to areas which might be two or three layers deep in your menu structure.

All widgets within can be renamed to your requirements so for example “The Latest Articles” can be renamed to “News” or “Blog” or whichever title you prefer so it really is flexible to your requirements.

screen shot of a newsfeed widgetThe Latest Articles Widget

Can be used in two different ways:

1)    It can connect to the whole of the website promoting any new pages created within your website - letting your website visitors know of all new information on your site.


2)    It can be connected to a specific menu item within your website promoting specific articles or pages created within that menu.  This might be a specific News or Blog page that you’ve created within your website.

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